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MedQuest 2014

July 13, 2013 – July 18, 2014

MedQuest 2013
MedQuest 2013

MedQuest is a 6-day, 5-night residential program held at Lyndon State College where high school students are exposed to a variety of health care careers through experiential and classroom learning. Opportunities include job shadowing health care professionals, certification in CPR and first aid, and team building exercises.

Students are connected with practicing health care professionals as positive role models. MQ staff provides job-readiness and life-skills training, as well as guidance in pursuing a career in health care.

  • MedQuest 2014 Brochure
  • Northeastern Vermont AHEC began its MedQuest program in 1999, based on a national model. The program engages 9th and 10th graders and UVM medical students (as Assistant Directors) in learning and teaching. For the high school students, interaction with the medical students, who are often Vermonters themselves, provides a real-life example of the path to higher education and to careers. For many, this is their first time on a college campus. Participants leave the program aspiring to a career in health care, able to clearly visualize their goal for the first time.

    Of the MedQuest alumni polled at high school graduation, 88% plan to pursue a post-secondary education in a health-related field. Alumni report in post-program evaluations that MedQuest is a life changing event that helped to reinforce their commitment to continue schooling in a health career track.

    MedQuest alumni have graduated from nursing and medical school as well as other health careers training programs. Some have returned to practice in the Northeast Kingdom.

  • MedQuest 2014 Student Application

  • MedQuest 2014 Student Reference Form

  • MedQuest 2014 Information and Application Instructions

    Print out one Info and Application form and two Student Reference forms and follow the detail instructions provided.

    Complete the application and have it in our office by March 12, 2014.
    Your application must be complete in order to be considered.

    Kim O’Connor at (802) 748-2506
    Email: healthcareers [at] nevahec.org
    Northeastern Vermont Area Health Education Center, St. Johnsbury, VT



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